CASA has many wonderful dogs and cats looking for homes. Many feel that all shelter animals are in some way "damaged", but that could not be farther from the truth. Most animals find themselves in shelters for other reasons such as; an owner passes away or becomes too ill to care for a pet, becomes homeless, realized they are too busy, or the animal may have a medical issue that the shelter can rehabilitate and then adopt them out when healthy. Some of the very best animals are simply second-hand and looking for you to give them a second chance. Will you?

To see our available pets for adoption visit the shelter or visit the "Adopt" tab above. CASA takes animal placements very seriously, we want everyone to "opt to adopt", but we also try our best to fit each animal to a home where they truly are a match. Taking home an animal which is not a fit for your needs or the animal's needs is not fair to anyone in the end. Let us know what you are looking for in a new pet and we would love to help you find just the right one.

No matter how good a match might seem, there are unforeseen things which can take place in our lives. We try and make sure that every adopter knows that we make a lifetime commitment to the animals who are adopted through our shelter and CASA will always welcome them back!



CASA is a managed-admission animal shelter due only to building size and funding. We try and help as many animals as we can in finding new homes or receiving emergency assistance, but our small size limits the number we are able to take at one time. If you are considering surrendering your pet to CASA please complete and return the Surrender Inquiry Form the shelter prior to bringing them in. You can also ask the staff about alternatives such as Courtesy Listings via petfinder which we can utilize alone or while your animal is on our waiting list if necessary. We receive many calls for help so our shelter staff counsels many owners on ways they can keep or manage their pets, other resources like foster-based rescue organizations we work with, in addition to options with CASA.

What does "managed-admission" mean? This basically means we may not take in the first inquiry before others. We want your pet to succeed in finding a home. One of our main goals each day is keeping stress as low as possible for those who call CASA home. We do this by managing the types of pets, their specific personalities and needs, and when it is best for them to come in. For instance; if we have two heavy barkers already residing in our dog building and on the waiting list we have a barker and a non-barker we will likely take in the non-barker first. Took much barking causes an increase in stress for all the other dogs and can cause issues for them which may raise their stress and make them seem less adoptable when they really are not. Every choice we make is for a sound reason and the wellbeing of the animals is always at the forefront of our intake management.

If you are considering the need to surrender an animal please do not hesitate to call the shelter to discuss your situation with our staff or talk about ways you might be able to keep your pet. You can do this before or after you fill out a Surrender Inquiry Form, but that form is required to start the actual inquiry process.
Surrenders are now by-appointment only.

SURRENDER FEES (updated 4/22/2016)

$25 per pet Cats, Dogs, or other pets. (Proof of ownership and ID required)
Fee Waived kitten/puppy/litters or pregnant moms (Contact shelter for more details)
+ additional $50 suggested donation for surrendered animals from non-Camano residents

♥ CASA's ability to take in owner surrendered animals is dependent on the collection of surrender fees and the general private contributions. We value the loving and safe assistance programs we can offer animals and we hope you do too. If you have an extreme hardship and cannot manage our reasonable fee we ask that you talk with the shelter staff about this.

(optional) Call or email for possible pet problem counseling/advice
1) Gather up 1-3 good photos of your pet to submit with your Inquiry Form. (required)
2) Print the "Inquiry for Surrender" form, Fill out, email/hand form and photos to CASA.
3) Staff will contact you about your inquiry. Please feel free to check in via email/phone.

SURRENDER RELATED FORMS (Print the two forms for either animal type and bring to the shelter fully completed)

» Inquiry for Dog Surrender Form » Inquiry for Cat Surrender Form
» Dog Intake Form (only use if instructed) » Cat Intake Form (only use if instructed)
  » Cat Urinary Questionnaire (include if cat has potty issue)

*Forms for other animal types available upon request.



CASA offers low-cost microchip implantation to the public for dogs & Cats, by appointment, for only $15. In addition, we have a number of Low-Cost Microchip Clinics for both cats and dogs throughout the year. Please check our schedule for planned clinics. CASA urges you to have your pet microchipped if they are not already. Microchips help pets find their way home!

CASA also makes sure all dogs and cats adopted from our shelter are microchipped and registered before leaving to a new home.

Going Home Chipped program: Stray Cats and Dogs who are being reclaimed by an owner are offered a microchip for free (CASA covers the cost) at the time of redemption if the pet is not already microchipped.

Microchip Companies and info

Microchip Pets



If your animal gets out and finds their way to the shelter as a stray you can pick up your animal seven days a week in most cases. Voicemails are checked in the morning usually between 7:00 am & 8:00 am so leaving a message prior to that is best. You can additionally try emailing us at casa@camanoanimalshelter.org.

You can also reclaim your stray animal by visiting the shelter during normal business hours.

Monday and Tuesday we are closed to the public, but stray reclaiming can be done in most cases by simply calling the shelter at any hour and leaving a call back number for the morning staff, calling during the day before noon, or stopping by the shelter and knocking on the door. The staff can be in various areas of the shelter on Mondays and Tuesdays so you may have to be patient and persistent in order to have a staff person hear your call or knock. This information can also be used for early morning pickup if needed.

You must have proof of ownership in order to take home your animal. ID matching the current microchip registration, veterinary records with animal's photo on paperwork, recent date-stamped photos, etc. Reclaiming your animal does require payment of stray/impound fees. CASA is unable to legally waive any Island County Impound Fees. Please come prepared. No Checks, cash preferred.


Impound Fee 1st Offense $25
Impound Fee 2nd Offense $50
Impound Fee 3rd Offense $100
Boarding $10 per day
Current Annual Dog License Proof of or must purchase to reclaim (view license rates)
Medical Fee Only applicable if your animal requires medical treatment that cannot wait through the five day stray hold or if contagious.
Impound Fee $25
Boarding No additional daily boarding fee for cats
County License No cat licensing on Camano Island
Medical Fee Only applicable if your animal requires medical treatment that cannot wait through the five day stray hold or if contagious.

♥ Please remember that having your pet properly equipped with a current ID tag, registered microchips, and/or current County Dog License will allow your animal to be linked back to you the quickest. The quicker you can be located the cheaper it will be to pick up your furry friend. Not having your dog legally licensed and/or if your dog is picked up more than once within a year period reclaiming fees will increase.

Going Home Chipped program: Stray Cats and Dogs who are being reclaimed by an owner are offered a microchip for free (CASA covers the cost) at the time of redemption if the pet is not already microchipped.



CASA is contracted with Island County for stray animal services. Our shelter is a temporary home for found dogs, cats, and occasionally other small pets. If you are missing your pet please contact the shelter and provide a detailed description in order for staff to check if your pet is at the shelter or if your pet has been reported as found by a citizen. CASA records detailed information in a Lost and Found pet binder for stray pets being housed by members of the public. Please ask for your information to be listed in the binder for future reference if your pet is not at the shelter. You can also email the shelter or drop off a missing pet flyer at the shelter during open hours. A photo of your pet is critical to identifying them properly and bringing them home.

Remember that CASA holds stray animals for 5 days before placing them up for adoption. We have one of the longest stray hold periods around. All animals are scanned for microchips. Please call the microchip registration company for your pet's microchip and verify that your contact information is current. It is never too late to update your pet's microchip registration. You can do this even if your pet has already gone missing as long as you have the microchip number. CASA can help you if you have questions regarding your pet's microchip before or when they are missing.

View Stray/Found Pets Brought to CASA (includes links to strays at other shelters)
• Missing Pet Resources
• Camano/Stanwood Lost & Found Pet Facebook group (outside link)


If you have found a dog or cat please contact the shelter to see if anyone has reported the pet missing. If the shelter is closed, please leave us a detailed message or contact Animal Control. You are always free to bring the found dog or cat to the shelter during open hours. We ask that you do not bring them into the building. Come in the shelter and a staff member will come out to your vehicle and assist you with the animal. We highly recommend that you bring the animal to any veterinary clinic or shelter as soon as possible to have them scanned for a microchip. This is always a free and simple service which often quickly leads to the animal's owner. Always make sure the person scanning the animal scans at least TWICE and scans the entire body including legs and rear each time.

View Stray/Found Pets Brought to CASA (includes links to strays at other shelters)
• Missing Pet Resources
• Camano/Stanwood Lost & Found Pet Facebook group (outside link)


CASA offers the sale of annual dog licenses on behalf of Island County. Please make sure you have proof of current rabies vaccination and spay/neuter (if altered) for each dog when you arrive to buy your license. CASA simply facilitates the purchase of the county dog licenses. You can also purchase your annual licenses at the County Annex on Camano.    

Important: You will not be able to obtain a license without proof of current Rabies vaccinations from your veterinarian. To receive the discounted rate for altered (spayed/neutered) dogs proof of spay/neuter from your veterinarian is also required. If you do not have proof of spay/neuter you will be required to pay the intact dog rate.

Altered Dog License (with proof of spay/neuter)
Intact/Unaltered Dog License
Lost Tag Replacement (with proof of purchase)

*Licenses need to be renewed annually.
*Island county does not have licensing requirements for cats.



CASA offers humane live trap rentals for local residents. Trap rentals can be done in person at the shelter. Fees are as follows: $50 refundable deposit, $10 for initial three days of use then $2 daily each day thereafter. If you are trapping a friendly stray cat which you plan to bring to the shelter we will waive the daily fees, the trap must be brought back within one week.



CASA offers free Courtesy Listing pet ads to local residents who need to find homes for their pets. This is a wonderful resource if your pet has behavioral or sensitivity issues and may be unfit for a temporary shelter environment or when our shelter is unavailable to take your pet due to lack of current space. If you are able to safely keep your pet until the right home is found, you may not need to surrender your pet to the shelter. Courtesy Listings can usually be put on our Petfinder.com adoptable pet list within a day making this a great temporary option if you end up on our shelter's waiting-to-surrender list. You may just find a home for your pet without them having to stay in the shelter. Please email our shelter staff or call the shelter directly for more information on this service.



CASA is unable to take in or physically assist with feral cats or semi-feral cats. We do, however, try and maintain a list of people interested in providing homes for "barn cats" or "mousers." If you are interested in providing food, water, and appropriate shelter for a homeless cat like this, please contact the shelter to be added to our list. You will get a call from us! If you have a barn cat who needs a new home, feel free to contact the shelter and ask if there is anyone looking for a cat like yours and we can contact them for you. All barn cats or mousers are required to be spayed or neutered. Feral Cats including Barn Cats can be altered for free through Feral Cat Spay & Neuter clinics as part of T.N.R. (Trap Neuter Release/Return) Programs. more on Free Feral Cat clinics



Camano Island's Animal Control Services are part of the Island County Sheriff's Department. The island's ACO is part-time and calls outside of their hours may be handled by an on-duty Sheriff deputy.

CASA works closely with Animal Control, but we are not officially connected to them. CASA is unable to respond to animal control related issues such as loose animals, animal capturing, or pickup of stray animals. We are always happy to help in other ways and you are welcome to call us with questions.

Animal Control calls are handled by:
Camano Island Animal Control Services via ICOM Dispatch
Animal Emergencies or Cruelty in Progress

Camano Island Animal Control also handles the following:
Animal bite reports, animal abuse and neglect complaints
*Animal Control does not pick up or trap cats.



"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" -Gandhi